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Another Blog Posting....

What is the most important people look for in when looking for a recruiter ?

The possibilities are unlimited    

What are they ?

I was in a position looking for a job and having to deal with recruiters.

I found the position I am in on my own.


As a recruiter now, how can I make this experience great for both of us ?



David DeBar




About DJS Recruiting Service

My name is David DeBar and I have worked in the recruiting industry in multiple types of roles and responsibilities. The one thing that I find very rewarding in this industry, is helping candidates achieve both their personal or professional goals. You will have a partner in your job search.

I possess a wide variety of industries of which I have done recruiting and hiring for. In 2012 I came down with an illness that had me out of work for a little over a year. While I was out of work, I started to do independent recruiting for a couple companies.

The following industries are fields I have done hiring for, all with much success. Some of these fields being done as an independent recruiter, or as a Hiring Manager for the companies I have worked for in the past.

•  Financial (Banking, Accounting, Tax)   •  Mid Level-Executive Management
•  Health Care   •  Human Resources
•  Sales/Marketing   •  Office/Clerical/Administrative

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