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If we do not feel that you a great fit for a clients opening, your resume will be 

placed on a website that features 1300 other recruiters.  We will do everything we

can to find you the perfect future career opportunity. 



While  applying for a position please create a profile with resume and a one minute video of yourself. 
In the video please let us know why you are the right person for a job. 
The video will be sent along with the resume to a potential company. 

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What is the most important people look for in when looking for a recruiter ?

The possibilities are unlimited    

What are they ?

I was in a position looking for a job and having to deal with recruiters.

I found the position I am in on my own.


As a recruiter now, how can I make this experience great for both of us ?



David DeBar




DJ's First Blog Post

Terrifying recruitment stories. In 6 words! By Greg Savage on January 28, 2015 in Recruitment, Recruitment Humour I can tell you a story about recruitment that will make you shiver. Make you recoil in horror. And I can do it in six words. Here are 20 such horror stories to get you screaming, blocking your ears, and running for the exit. ‘I will call you back. Promise’. ‘Can I just think about it?’ ‘I just got a counter-offer’. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday Your bonus threshold just went up. My ‘under-offer’ candidate won’t return calls. Source. Introduce. Manage. Negotiate. Placement. Counter-offer. Yes! Must just check with wife. Best Client. Third candidate ‘no-show’. Placed candidate calls week after starting. 12-month temp job bomb-out. Dead cert placement until… ‘internal candidate’. Friday afternoon. Beer fridge is empty 9 am Temp start. 9.15 client calls Margin calculation. Forgot all on-costs. ‘HR want to do psych testing first’. ‘What do you DO for your fee? ‘The job is now on hold’. ‘Your candidate is perfect! Anyone else?’ Hiring freeze ordered by US head-office. ‘I gave the order to 6 agencies’. What about you? Do you have a recruitment horror story? Can you tell it in six words? Bet you can. Let’s have it then! In the comments below please.

About DJS Recruiting Service

My name is David DeBar and I have worked in the recruiting industry in multiple types of roles and responsibilities. The one thing that I find very rewarding in this industry, is helping candidates achieve both their personal or professional goals. You will have a partner in your job search.

I possess a wide variety of industries of which I have done recruiting and hiring for. In 2012 I came down with an illness that had me out of work for a little over a year. While I was out of work, I started to do independent recruiting for a couple companies.

The following industries are fields I have done hiring for, all with much success. Some of these fields being done as an independent recruiter, or as a Hiring Manager for the companies I have worked for in the past.

•  Financial (Banking, Accounting, Tax)   •  Mid Level-Executive Management
•  Health Care   •  Human Resources
•  Sales/Marketing   •  Office/Clerical/Administrative

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